HAS talent search is more than just a recruitment firm, we’re your branding partner and social media advocate for both the Client and Talent.


Having the right talent doesn’t happen by accident. Growing companies know this. Partnering with an expert to help you find the talent that you need to evolve your brand is key, it allows you to do what you do best and me to do what I do best – identify niche talent!

HAS Talent Search is Different

Consultative, Loyalty, Trust & ROI are words that we live by. We’re curious, collaborative, innovative, transparent SME recruitment consultants constantly striving to offer the best experience to everyone we meet


We realize that every search is unique, so we offer 1:1 attention to both clients and candidates and take a consultative approach to both sides, discussing, understanding current & future needs, motivators, desires, short-& long-term goals, these are essential pieces of information to understand to ensure success on the talent & client side. The goal is not filling the open opportunity, the goal is to fill the opportunity with the best candidate where the company & candidate are being set up for success today & tomorrow.

Partnership Options & Fee Structures

We have a wide community of talent, very reputable name in the space and an excellent proven process of identifying hard to find niche talent!

Retained Search

This is a top priority search where we become an extension of your company, a true dedicated resource. It’s a strategic way to hire for senior leadership, critical and/or confidential roles where we create a clearly defined strategy to target the marketplace for in - demand talent and passive candidates and have a standing weekly call to discuss all progress. The fee paid is a percentage of the candidates first year’s base salary. You pay one-third (33%) of the fee to initiate this search, one-third after certain milestones have been met and one-third when the candidate starts with your company.

Contingent Search

You provide us all of the qualifications, requirements and skills needed by candidates to be considered for the opportunity and we will send you candidates that have them! If you hire a candidate that we present, the fee paid is a percentage of the candidates first year’s base salary. If you do not hire any of the candidates that we present or hire a candidate from another resource, on your own or not at all, there is no fee due.

Partnership Search

This option is a combination of the Contingent and Retained Search models. When you’re not seeing the talent that you need and/or seeing the same talent over and over, your search is critical and needs additional attention. The fee paid is a percentage of the candidates first year’s base salary. You pay one-third (33%) of the fee to initiate this search, and the remainder when the candidate starts with your company.

Consulting Services

There are two types of services offered to engage into a partnership for our consulting services, Talent Acquisition Strategy (TAS) and/or Recruitment Consulting Services (RCS).


Having an internal Recruiter and/or Talent Acquisition (TA) team is fairly standard and needed in today’s talent market. The candidate experience is constantly evolving, companies are getting more specific with the requirements they are looking for candidates to have, most times when you have a specific need - so do your competitors and there are only so many candidates that have what everybody is looking for.

Having an internal Recruiter or TA team is only part of the process, ensuring that this function is operating properly is equally as important.

  1. Are you seeing the results that you anticipated?
  2. Are you hiring candidates that are not working out?
  3. Are you losing candidates in your interview process?
  4. Are your offers being rejected?

Do you need to add a TA function to your company, additional TA support to your already existing team? I can help you scale properly when it comes to hiring.

We can partner together in numerous ways for one or both of these services.

  1. Hourly rates
  2. Day rates
  3. Weekly rates
  4. Monthly rates
  1. Yearly rates
  2. Specific hours a week and/or month rates
  3. Project rates

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